Daily Standup: Aligning Right to Accomplish Sprint Goals

The prospect of having a team together daily for a short period of time to assess the progress made towards committed work is definitely not a new concept. Many project managers over the years have enjoyed a regular scheduled check-in so they know when there are obstacles they need to resolve that are preventing success towards the end goals. However, when looking at what the concept of the Daily Standup is set to accomplish with Agile Teams can really catapult such a team forward towards success for their sprint and in the long-term as team commitments are made and accomplished on a regular basis. There are indeed some key factors to keep in mind to make sure the Daily Standup can be as successful as possible. Let’s visit them together.

Right People

Making sure the right people are involved in any type of discussion is important to ensure that you get the right outcome. The Daily Standup is no exception to this standard. But the key question to ask yourself is who should really be involved in the Daily Standup and who is optional. Required attendees include:

  • Team Members

  • Product Owner

  • Scrum Master

Agile Team

Optional attendees would be anyone that doesn’t fall into those three categories above. I know there are many people that may argue that other people should be included to ensure that information can flow to everyone else in the organization, but it simply isn’t necessary. In a podcast entitled “How Many Daily Standups Should I Attend Per Day?”, Lee Henson reviewed a situation that could lead to excessive standups occurring on a daily basis. We also have to be careful to keep in mind why someone is included in a meeting in the first place, which is also touched on in AgileDad’s Agile Meetings Playbook. Falling victim to the dreaded Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) concept is a problem that way too many companies I have worked with in my career have a hard time