“Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change.”
     – Stephen Hawking

AgileDad is Making Endurance Agile

AgileDad has partnered with True North Endurance and Events to introduce FEAR - an endurance event with an Agile twist.

"FEAR pushed me beyond what I thought I was capable of. Learning how to work together in sprints, as a team, made tasks move a lot better. It cut the chaos."

Agile is all about change and adapting - the same principles endurance is built on. Combining endurance with Agile methodologies brought to life a new way of learning Agile.

AgileDad made this unique and effective experience possible.

From knot tying to building houses with sandbags and a catapult with instructions cut into pieces. FEAR class of 2019 did not know what would be thrown at them during this 8 plus hour event. Temperatures plunged into the low teens. It was cold and miserable, and just what each team member needed - a chance to prove their mental fortitude.

FEAR let team members practice their ability to adapt and change to meet the requirements of a task in difficult situations. Every individual left the event knowing a little more about their strengths and weaknesses. They learned what propelled them forward and what was holding them back from becoming better, both at home and in the workforce.