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Team group picture of agile coach certification

“Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change.”
     – Stephen Hawking

AgileDad is Making Endurance Agile

AgileDad has partnered with True North Endurance and Events to introduce FEAR - an endurance event with an Agile twist.

Award received at FEAR for Agile Methodology Training

"FEAR pushed me beyond what I thought I was capable of. Learning how to work together in sprints, as a team, made tasks move a lot better. It cut the chaos."

Agile is all about change and adapting - the same principles endurance is built on. Combining endurance with Agile methodologies brought to life a new way of learning Agile.

AgileDad made this unique and effective experience possible.

agile methodology training

From knot tying to building houses with sandbags and a catapult with instructions cut into pieces. FEAR class of 2019 did not know what would be thrown at them during this 8 plus hour event. Temperatures plunged into the low teens. It was cold and miserable, and just what each team member needed - a chance to prove their mental fortitude.

FEAR let team members practice their ability to adapt and change to meet the requirements of a task in difficult situations. Every individual left the event knowing a little more about their strengths and weaknesses. They learned what propelled them forward and what was holding them back from becoming better, both at home and in the workforce.

Team Agile Training


team training activity


Team training in the dark


Team Group


team group hug


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