Top 5 Benefits of Using Agile on your Team

Updated: Jan 20

Benefits of Good Things

A lot of organizations are deciding to adopt Agile to manage and refine their processes. Why are so many companies, large and small, investing so much time, money, and effort into making these changes? Is it paying off? Agile has brought many tangible improvements to a myriad of organizations. In this article I will address some of the benefits you can expect from a proper Agile implementation, and also some of the most common mistakes that organizations make that prevent them from achieving success.

Inspect and Adapt

Agile is not a silver bullet to success, a magic potion to fix your problems, or a one size fits all solution. What it does do is provide a framework for a process which encourages communication and transparency. It gets everyone on the same page, working with common purposes and goals, and most importantly, it builds improvement and adaptation right into the process via the Retrospective.

The Top Five Benefits Companies See from Agile*: