Agile Estimation - Game of Numbers?

Updated: Jan 20

fibonacci sequence

Everything we do has a cost. There are personnel, equipment, and time costs. There is a cost in resources, hardware and software, systems and support to develop our products. There are also opportunity costs of using our resources to develop one product which then prevents us from developing other products we could have built. We can use some Agile principles to help us understand what the cost of developing some of these products and features is before we begin. Accurate estimation helps us be more predictable and meet business and team goals.

Before going any further, let’s have a quick review of the one of the first things you learned in Physics class. Distance equals Velocity multiplied by time. d=vt. If you’ve ever taken a physics class you’ve learned this concept and used it as a building block for many other formulas which are far more advanced. How far we can go, is dependent on how fast we can go and how much time we have. This is a basic concept when you think about it in familiar terms like your last road trip. The faster you drive, the more distance you cover in a given period. The same