Agile Tips for a Non-Technical Team

Updated: Jan 20


When many of us hear the term, Scrum in an Agile environment, the knee jerk reaction is, “oh, that does not apply to me because that process works for technical development teams”. Well, friends, that assumption is not the case at all. Below, I will outline a recent experience in which Scrum was used to solve real world organizational problems in a non-technical environment .

Think about the problem to solve. And, as a team, spend a few minutes (5-ish) to come up with words that relate to the solution.

Once the team is in agreement, the next step would be to categorize the words in clusters of similarity.

Next, the team will take these clusters and develop objectives for each grouping of clusters.

Note: When this is done by multiple teams, there should be an obvious consistency of goals.

Visibly post these objectives, arrange the clusters and discuss priority. Typically, three to four items will be the active achievable goals of the next sprint.

This recent experience included like minded professionals aiming to devel