AgileDad University - What are the three roles of Scrum?

Updated: Jan 20

If you’re reading this you’ve probably recently been told that your team is now “agile” and will be using something called Scrum. Maybe you drew straws and someone pulled the Scrum Master stick (poor guy), someone else got the Product Owner stick, and everyone else is a developer. But simply changing a few titles will not make a team Agile. We must change the ways that we act, communicate with each other, and prioritize our work. Applying the principles of Agile into your workflow through clearly defined roles and responsibilities will help provide more value to the customer and to your company and we can elevate ourselves to be autonomous, self-organizing, and eventually transcendent.

The fastest way I know to describe the three roles of Scrum:

  • Product Owner – Build the Right Thing

  • Development Team – Build the Thing Right

  • Scrum Master – Build the Thing Fast

Agile Roles Explained