Agile through the Eyes of a Marketer

As the landscape continues to adapt and use evolving Agile practices, more and more areas of companies are seeing that Agile is not just an IT initiative. In reality, the practices were rooted very deeply in how to solve pressing issues that the business was experiencing by doing the following:

  • Speeding up time to market

  • Being able to adapt to changing needs

  • Getting a higher quality product

  • Aligning people and areas of the business regularly to maximize outcomes

While not stated in these exact terms, the goals have been very clear from the beginning. As a provider of high quality training and coaching opportunities, AgileDad continues to find avenues to advance the skillsets of its clients while helping to maximize outcomes. Our partnership with ICAgile to regularly offer the Agile in Marketing Certification is another step in this direction for your business agility. The ongoing growth and movement in the Marketing world has provided a much-needed respite for marketers from the traditional