Aren't We Already Agile Enough?

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In many organizations, Agile is alive and well within many layers of the company. Change has become something to be expected and even embraced knowing that the way things are working right now might work for now but could change if teams and the organization find a more effective way to operate. With this becoming a state of flux and adaptation that occurs, what happens when this attitude of continuous improvement does not exist within an organization?

There are many different levels at which change is adopted when an organization is trying to be agile in their efforts. Here are some simple classifications:

  • Team Level Change

  • Product Ownership Level Change

  • Management Level Change

  • Executive Level Change

Each level of change has benefits that can be attained and successes that are felt within the organization. Let’s dive into each of them and see what that change looks like for a company.

Team Level Change

Most organizations start here because they want to see higher level of quality, get items to market sooner and lots of other similar takeaways. The greatest benefit that comes here is that teams start to establish a regular cadence of delivery. They start to address key issues that are stopping them from being efficient and increase their effectiveness towards delivery. Some organizations even go beyond a si