Roles, Responsibilities and More Agile Fun

Updated: Jan 20

balanced responsibilities

There are many trains of thought about being precise with the roles used within your Agile teams. The underlying principles are about making sure that certain responsibilities are taken care of and those are typically embodied in different people. Here they are:

  • Product Owner / Customer

  • ScrumMaster / Facilitator

  • Team Member / Implementor

While Scrum is very specific in what the roles are called, not all organizations employ the specific names being utilized by Scrum. Perhaps the most common overlap is with the ScrumMaster role. The next most common is the Product Owner role. Rarely or never do you hear the term team member used. And whenever an absolute statement is made like that I’m sure I’ll hear from someone that speaks up and tells me that they are a team member and how dare I alienate them. It’s true, team members are people too.

Let’s look briefly at the roles themselves and take a look at the video that Ty Grigg explains a little bit more around these roles.

Product Owner / Customer