Agile Heroes Assemble - New Age of Priority

Updated: Jan 20

agile heroes

Prioritization is a very interesting and profound thing. How companies focus on their top priority initiatives can change the course of not only their products, but the company as a whole and marketplaces. Companies gain and lose clientele based on how they determine different items should be focused on sooner than later. The idea that somehow a customer wanting to pay for a request means you should perform the work is very enticing. Many companies are never at the point of being able to turn away such work when it is requested. However, how does this impact the ability of your company to chart its course as to how you want to not only present yourself in the marketplace but position yourself for new opportunities and ventures.

Three Critical Prioritization Aspects

Let’s first take a look at prioritization through three different lenses. Prioritization can be classified with aspects of the following:

  • Business / Company Value

  • Customer Desires / Requests

  • Complexity / Size of the Work

Each of these pieces have different ways that they can be prioritized. However, believing that everything gets pushed to the top because the customer wants it suggests that the Customer Desires / Requests is the top priority of the company. This would mean that you are heavily beholden to the strategy of “The Customer is Always Right”. Are they? What about when they request things that are contrary to what your product or initiative is trying to accomplish? Do you still believe they are “always right”? There does need to be some level of balance that exists as to how you listen to the customer because you definitely shouldn’t ignore them.