Agile Teams: Co-location - 21st Century Challenges

Updated: Jan 20

tampa bay landscape

I live and work in Tampa, Florida. The majority of my AgileDad team lives across the country. We are highly efficient and results driven for our clients. How do we make it work? First off, we do a DAILY standup. Yes, 10am on the east coast and 8am mountain time, EVERYDAY. It starts the day on the right foot and motivates everyone.

For you and your co-located teams, take heed. You will run into a number of roadblocks, but these can be overcome. There will be technical challenges, questions about communication and human interaction, accountability and expectation issues, consistent interjections of stakeholders and finally the ability for the entire team to have all scrum ceremonies run efficiently.

Let’s take a look at these issues and opportunities:

Technical Challenges

Everyone appreciates the convenience of a conference call. Listen to the dialogue, put yourself on mute and answer a few emails in the background…..sound familiar? An engaged team is an effective team. Instead of setting up a call for your sprint planning and retrospective, think about other options that allow you to look in the eyes of your colleagues. Use a video conference solution whenever possible with remote teams. The difference in engagement between voice and video will astound you. Now, don’t get me wrong, I take part in a daily standup via Uber conference everyday for my stand up, but when