All about that Agile... no Treble

Updated: Jan 20


Why would a company want to invest in the Agile process? It has gone beyond the fad of the month and is becoming more mainstream in what is being done and how. There are lots of reasons that exist to be all about that Agile, but getting a company over the hump to commit to truly being Agile is nothing short of transformative. The goal is to help your teams be more communicative, efficient, effective, nimble and be able to bring products to market sooner. So, why not?



Encouraging communication comes as a result of formalized meetings and informal collaboration. Yes, there are sprints kicked off by a sprint planning session. They are accompanied by a 15 minute daily standup and a retrospective every couple weeks.

Let’s investigate the daily standup. 15 minutes a day. This is a time for the team to communicate what is going on in their work world and for them to ask one anot