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Updated: Jan 20

Agile Marketing

The very first Agile Marketing class on the East Coast is set to launch on July 26-27, 2018 in Atlanta, GA. Jim Ewel has partnered together with AgileDad in this class delivery and we couldn’t be more pleased with the effort going forward to bring Agile further into the Marketing space. Many other contributing parties have made this new certification possible such as Yuval Yeret of Agile Sparks and Angela Fryrear with Agile Sherpas. Take a closer look here at the thoughts that Jim Ewel with Agile Marketing has discussed in the new certification offered through IC Agile:

Don’t hesitate to take an opportunity to register for the class today as this will put you among the first overall people to receive this certification. REGISTER NOW at the link below:

Take a look at Jim's thoughts about Agile Marketing below: