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Agile Marketing – Well Beyond Technology

Agile Marketing

The very first Agile Marketing class on the East Coast is set to launch on July 26-27, 2018 in Atlanta, GA. Jim Ewel has partnered together with AgileDad in this class delivery and we couldn’t be more pleased with the effort going forward to bring Agile further into the Marketing space. Many other contributing parties have made this new certification possible such as Yuval Yeret of Agile Sparks and Angela Fryrear with Agile Sherpas. Take a closer look here at the thoughts that Jim Ewel with Agile Marketing has discussed in the new certification offered through IC Agile:

Don’t hesitate to take an opportunity to register for the class today as this will put you among the first overall people to receive this certification. REGISTER NOW at the link below:

Take a look at Jim's thoughts about Agile Marketing below:

The exciting landscape ahead shows that as Agile continues to gain momentum in non-tech related teams and organizations, it is worthwhile to consider the evolution of what this class represents for all industries.

Continuous Improvement and Adaptation

This is the key to success in a rapidly changing world. A significant level of focus with any effort deemed “Agile” is in the rapid feedback loop. If organizations wait too long to assess the potential value of what they are creating, there are opportunities that are lost. The cost of waiting is astronomical in today’s day and age. Entries to market are tight and treacherous. Making keen decisions based on an iterative approach to delivery helps to know what is not just enough, but what allows a company to thrive in their market space.

Agile isn’t Just a Tech Thing Anymore

If your company doesn’t just do technology but needs to identify whether a solution, initiative or anything else would be successful or not, the mindset that comes with an Agile approach allows for discovery and early delivery of value solutions. Failure is not really the in-between step. Failure is when we figure out that we don’t meet the expectations or our clients. If we engage them early and often we can more quickly determine what changes we need to make to exceed their expectations.

Agile is not just a process, it is a mindset

We can’t just keep going through the motions of stand-ups, planning sessions, retrospectives and refinement meetings all the while expecting we will receive significant benefit from our efforts. Very little increase in productivity comes as a result of the process oriented approach that is suggested with the practices encouraged with Scrum, XP, Kanban or countless other methods. The real change and benefit happens when people are empowered to make changes in the organization. It comes when customers are actually being delighted because they are getting solutions that they really need. It comes when the organization you work for values the individuals well more than they do the work that is being accomplished. That mindset is the true heart of what is intended by not only the Agile Manifesto but what all agile minded folks want to see accomplished.

It's time to stop doing Agile. It is time to be Agile. Feel free to take an opportunity to share your thoughts with us on this new way that ideas and concepts are being used to enhance business practices.

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