Hats of a Product Owner

Updated: Jan 13

Product Owner Responsibilities

What would you say you do here?

The roles and responsibilities of a Product Owner are significant. Reflecting on and improving upon the skills to support PO duties are essential to the success of the role and the entire product team.

There are many “hats” required by a Product Owner but these are the most important from my experience:

  1. Facilitating conversations and transparency

  2. Focusing the team on the right work

  3. Modeling respect to foster a productive culture

  4. Coaching team on growth mindset & failure as a tool

  5. Asking questions to find the most potential value to add

Knowing Scrum is only part of the job

Some of the roles may seem like common sense or basic logic but a bit of finesse and human skills are required in addition to the hard skills of knowing the Scrum methodology