Agile 12 Step - Step Six - Clearly Define Product Release Cycles

This step was the one that concerned me the most to publish. It just feels so strange to point this out as a step in the process, but after much consideration, I have decided that it is truly needed. One problem that many teams in larger enterprise organizations face is that they build and build but never seem to release! Even if we know the customer will just not buy the product unless we get this one feature in.. Or the next, or the next... Does this sound familiar? It is truly critical that we select a date for the release and put a stake in the ground. Come hades, high water, earthquake, or tsunami, we will deliver on that date! It may not be perfect, or have every feature. It may not be everything to everybody, but it will be well built, well tested, and released to the customer. The quickest sure way to go out of business is to let all of the competition speed past you one release

at a time. If you are not releasing, you are NOT succeeding!

In other words, set the date. Make it big, bold, and highly visible. Do not live on false hope. Do not make promises that you cannot keep. Most of all, deliver consistently on time and on schedule. Your customers will appreciate knowing they can count on a consistent good release. Trying to be

everything to everyone quickly hurls you into the category where failure prevails. When done properly, this also makes executives very happy. They truly want to see something consistently for the money they spend. They like to see new deliverables and they truly enjoy the confidence a consistently releasing team has.

Speaking of teams, this is also the greatest way to increase team morale. Give them a goal, make a way for them to achieve the goal, watch the team grow! The team thrives in an environment where things are no longer impossible to achieve and the more difficult things become that much