Agile 12 Step - Step One - Admit There is a Problem...

Although on the surface this may seem like an obvious task, sometimes we hate to say a problem exists, even if it is clear and present. In many cases even after admitting there is a problem to solve, we look for the silver bullet, one size fits all solution. Unfortunately Agile often falls into this category. People are often not even certain how or why Agile is the answer, they just know that they have been promised AMAZING results if they implement "the agile". When you do not fully understand the issue and just lean on agile to be the solution, you are guaranteed one thing, failure. Just like a hammer can't fix all hardware issues, Agile can't fix all product or project management problems.

In many cases the issue could be with team and or organizational alignment, lack of organizational culture, or even a foundational misunderstanding of the application of Agile practices. One of the most common questions we get from organizations who try to embrace, sustain, and even advance Agile is where do I start/continue? An initial assessment is required in order for you to have a core understanding of where you are currently and where you hope to grow. The GROW model is a great way to assess where the problem lies and how we will go about addressing it.

Goal - What is the goal we are trying to achieve? Why do we hope to do Agile and what are our expectations?

Reality - What is our current reality when it comes to project management? Where are we slipping and what do we hope to make better?

Options or Opportunities - What options do we have going forward? What opportunities can we capitalize on and how will we align those to our Agile implementation?