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Agile 12 Step - Step Ten - Enhance Testing Practices

Secure the appropriate Agile Tooling solution. So many companies select the tool first and try to align their Agile practices around the tool that they have selected. This forces things on the organization that may not be inline with their culture, etc. We need to be careful not to let the toll solution drive the process. If anything, we should make decisions regarding the process prior to implementing any tool solution. While not every Agile implementation requires a large scale tool implementation, keeping a close eye on the progress of the teams and organization is a must. What is visible is what gets done. The simple practice of selecting the correct Agile tool based on what information you wish to convey to management, is an important decision that should not be taken lightly. Be certain to understand what information you are trying to track and report.

Take time to do the A/B testing of the two tools you feel are the finalists for your organization. Take time to evaluate and make a decision clearly based on how the implementation of the tool would impact your organization. Do not just settle for the tool that closest aligns to what you think you want. Look at the tool from both a present and future perspective and be certain to select a tool that will grow with you. Most importantly, do not let price drive the decision of the tool that you select. In many cases you need to remember the old adage, you get what you pay for in the end. Many of the free or less expensive solutions provide a temporary fix, but they do not provide the long term solution that you may be looking for. Do not let this be what drives how you implement Agile. Let true business agility guide you to the correct tooling solution.

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