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AI Application In Agile - Live Class Via Zoom
AI Application In Agile - Live Class Via Zoom

Fri, Aug 30


LIVE Class Online Via Zoom

AI Application In Agile - Live Class Via Zoom

The ONLY AI Workshop you will ever need!

Time & Location

Aug 30, 2024, 8:30 AM – 5:00 PM EDT

LIVE Class Online Via Zoom

About the event

Instructor: V. Lee Henson

Trainers and teachers all over the world have created a variety of teaching styles and techniques. This AI learning session and workshop promises to be like no other you have ever attended. Prior students in various sessions have gone as far as to say this class is life changing. (Check out my LinkedIn Profile ) While I cannot promise this workshop will change your life, here is what I can promise:

1) While this class is based on Generative AI, the teachings are not bound or limited to theory. We dig deep in class and help people solve pressing problems and issues they are facing.

2) If your only goal for taking the class is to pass a test, or receive a certificate, this class is not for you. Our primary goal is to place you in first person scenarios where you can learn how to really execute in your position and truly leverage AI, not just recall what the book or a video says you should do. You will leave with new tools to help you perform your job better.

3) Generative AI is 100% NEEDED to stay ahead of the crve!  This class will point out real world examples of how well known organizations from startup to enterprise have adopted AI and witnessed dramatic incremental changes. While software is still a very important industry where AI can be applied, many organizations are finding ways to apply this method throughout their organization. This is not a back of the room type training and does require active participation from each attendee.

Explore the cutting-edge intersection of artificial intelligence and Agile methodologies in the "AI in Agile" workshop, led by the distinguished V. Lee Henson of AgileDad. This one-day AgileDad Credentialed Workshop is designed to introduce participants to the transformative capabilities of AI as they apply to Agile practices, enhancing project management, team dynamics, and delivery outcomes.

During this dynamic session, you will dive deep into the fundamentals and applications of leading AI technologies such as Claude, Gemini, Jasper, CoPilot, and notably, ChatGPT-4o. These tools are at the forefront of AI innovation, offering unique solutions that can streamline decision-making processes, automate routine tasks, and provide insightful analytics, thereby accelerating the Agile workflow and increasing project efficiency.

Whether you are a project manager, a Scrum master, or a team member seeking to leverage AI within your Agile environment, this workshop will equip you with the knowledge and skills needed to effectively integrate AI tools into your daily operations. V. Lee Henson's expert guidance ensures a comprehensive learning experience, with practical examples and interactive discussions that highlight how AI can solve real-world problems in Agile settings.

As for formality, this experience will include:

A 1 day Classroom session eligible for 8 PDU’s

A complete guide/workbook of reference materials, prompts,  and exercises


  • AI Application In Agile Ticket

    This is your ticket to the FUTURE of Agile!




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