Agile Leadership Leads to Prosperity

Updated: Jan 13

Agile Coaching Training

Entrepreneurs have their hands full juggling clients, workloads, employees, and consultants. With time already at a premium, any tools and resources you can use to your advantage will help your operational functions run smoothly, while also freeing up time. While small business owners often work more than a traditional 40-hour workweek, carving out time for yourself to recharge is a critical component of long-term business success. Agile Dad can help you manage your team in a thoughtful and productive way that leads to a healthy work-life balance.

Use Tech to Your Advantage

Technology gets a bad rap for always keeping us “on” and connected to work, but when used smartly, apps and software can make us more organized, efficient, and productive. This can be especially effective when managing a remote team. While you don’t want to waste time tracking employees’ every move, it is important to ensure everyone is on-task and that they’re being appropriately compensated for their efforts. A payroll system that utilizes a time-tracking system for managing timesheets can be a big help — especially one that allows for mobile app and software integration and lets you work from anywhere. This way, you keep track of employee time more efficiently and accurately. Real-time reporting is another bonus as it helps ensure you’re always getting up-to-the-minute data.

Employ Project Management Tools

When you’ve got multiple people working on projects — especially in a remote environment — project management programs and communication tools can be a lifesaver. According to InVision, collaborative work can be efficiently performed using a software program like Slack, Dropbox, or Wrike, while data management and information sharing are well-accomplished via platforms like Sharepoint or One Note. Even popular video conferencing programs like Zoom have multiple modes of functionality that can keep teams connected, allow for hybrid approaches to working and collaborating, and keep everyone focused and on-task.

Managing Your Time

Most small business owners will say they could work around the clock and still not feel there are enough hours in the day. While it’s true that a work-centric attitude is often necessary in the early days, that’s not a viable long-term approach to running a s