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Agile Coaching

Passionate About Inspiring Others

At AgileDad we pride ourselves on providing only the best Agile Coaching to our clients. Our Agile Coaches collectively have many decades of experience in working with both organizations that are looking to embrace Agile concepts and organizations that are looking to advance their Agile implementation. Unlike other organizations, we do not require that the client purchase the time of a single coach for an extended period. Our goal is to assist you in creating an Agile Center of Excellence and being there to provide the critical coaching only when needed. We do not want to embed ourselves in your organization for the long haul, we want to get in and provide you with the best coaching, training, and tools needed to help your organization become sustainable and thriving! 

Our model is different than any other coaching model on the planet. We kick off each engagement with a solid assessment to help you understand best where optimizations could be made in your process. When it is time to engage, we sell coaching blocks in buckets of hours at a flat rate that never expire! This allows you to have access to an entire TEAM of AgileDad Coaches instead of any one designated individual. This also allows you to choose what level of coach you need at that time based on what you are trying to achieve as art of the engagement. Each of the three coaching tiers burn down the allocated hours at a different rate based on their experience and level of expertise. For you this means you will always have the best coach available at your fingertips when you need them. 

How is our coaching FREE you ask? The answer is rather simple. As part of our coaching commitment, we 100% guarantee that you will receive a cost savings and or gain in efficiency equal to or greater than the rate we charge or we will not invoice you. This type of guarantee is unheard of in the industry! We are that confident that you will be just as satisfied, if not more satisfied, than the many clients we already service. Our rate is neither the least expensive or the highest in the industry. Retaining world class coaches as part of the AgileDad team is certainly not inexpensive. We do our best to optimize and pass the best savings possible on to you. Quite Honestly, you really do have nothing to lose! We do have over 150 public recommendations on our LinkedIn and Facebook profile pages. 

We really do look forward to helping your organization achieve Agile Excellence into 2018 and for years to come!


  • Multiple Prestigious University Degrees

  • Certified Scrum Trainer, CSP, CSPO, CSM

  • Scaled Agile Framework Professional.

  • Award Winning Keynote Presenters

  • Appeared on Fortune, CNN, Fox, & TED.

  • Coached & Trained in 44 of the Fortune 100

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