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With great power comes great responsibility. This advice sets the undertone for every AgileDad engagement. Selecting AgileDad means that you have entrusted us with your most valuable asset, your people. We take this responsibility very seriously. As a result we provide nothing less than the highest quality training and coaching to companies ranging in size from Startup to Fortune 100. We treat each engagement with the respect that it warrants. We treat each customer the way we would want to be treated and wrap the human side into everything we do. Theory was never enough, today experience matters. AgileDad has that experience and we look forward to our engagement with your organization.


Collaboration and communication are the core tenants of Agile development. Every organization embraces Agile & adopts a hybrid model based on what works best to map to their organizational needs. For years trainers have tried to profess that Agile is a one size fits all model. This approach does not work. We help you design an Agile process that fits how you do business and gets you to a more frequent and regular delivery cadence. Large organizational and cultural changes often take time and if not implemented with the help of a skilled professional coach can be very costly and sometimes outright fail. Our mission is to work our way out of a job. Our goal is to help you establish an internal Agile Center of Excellence and provide you with the tools necessary to have a successful implementation.

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